Rafael Leao’s father has reaffirmed that they are “taking care of everything” as Chelsea continues to show interest in the forward for AC Milan.

Leao’s contract negotiations with AC Milan, which included an offer to make him the highest-paid player in Serie A, have reportedly so far failed to produce any results. This has given Chelsea fans at Stamford Bridge hope that a deal will be reached in 2023.

When asked by Record if Leao would stay with Milan or leave to join Chelsea, Leao’s father Antonio gave the cryptic reply, “We’re working on it.

“We are negotiating, because Rafael Leao has a contract that expires in 2024,” he continued. “Until that date, we are negotiating on everything. We will take care of everything, without Chelsea, without Real Madrid, without Barcelona.”

The senior Leao went on to hint that the 23-year-old could choose to stay in Serie A given his love for Italy.

“He loves being in Italy,” he said. “He has a predilection for Italians, the one the Portuguese do not have for him.

“He won the award for best player of the last Serie A not because he was beautiful, but simply…because he is the best.”

Leao has long been one of Chelsea’s top attacking targets, with the Blues looking to lure him to Stamford Bridge in a new-look forward line that could also include RB Leipzig’s Christopher Nkunku.

Milan’s 483 goals youth striker

Given that he has already made headlines despite only being 14 years old, Francesco Camarda is a name that continues to spark a lot of discussion among AC Milan’s young players.

The revelation made by Sciabolata Morbida on Twitter last year that the striker, who was 13 at the time, had scored 247 goals in 40 games in 2017–18, 172 goals in 31 games in 2018–19, and 64 goals in 16 games in 2019–20, for a total of 483 goals in 87 games, at an average goal per game of 5.5, went viral.

Camarda is top scorer in the league with nine goals in six games, while last season he contributed decisively to the Under 15 Acudetto with the winning goal in the final against Fiorentina.