There’s been a wealth of speculation linking AC Milan with a serious summer move for a midfielder, and it contains the fanbase dreaming about this chance.

That guy is Sandro Tonali, the 19-year-old rising star of Italian football who now plies his trade by Brescia, a group that Milan are on great terms with because of the nearly 50-year friendship between fans of both clubs.

But, there’s this sense overall that a transfer to Milan will make sense for any range of reasons.

You could argue that a transfer to Milan would represent a small gamble for your adolescent the sort one might undertake using online real money casinos but there are also plenty of reasons why it’s by far the most sensible and calculated risk.

Yes, there is a great deal of doubt surrounding the Rossoneri currently, but no matter who the next head coach or sporting director is, they would be thrilled to have a generational talent like Tonali to work with, especially if it was Ralf Rangnick.

Tonali would be ensured consistent playing time alongside another combative young midfielder at Ismael Bennacer, and the pair could form an amazing duo that dominates games in the middle of the playground.

Moreover, that playing time, a chance he would not get in the likes of Inter, Juve, and clubs abroad, might be enormous on sealing a key role in the Italy squad for next season’s European Championships.

Earlier in the month, Tonali affirmed that he is still a Milan fan as he’s been since he had been young, also once again disclosed that he models himself Rossoneri icon Gennaro Gattuso and not Andrea Pirlo as many outlets keep mistaking.

A move to Milan would provide Tonali an opportunity to actually experience something he’s dreamed of as a child; the chance to pull on the Rossoneri shirt and operate out at San Siro to the noise of the Curva Sud chanting his name.

The club may not be in the best of positions now, but there is still the appeal and the huge potential to come back to glory. If it doesn’t occur in the first two or three seasons — it might take given the emphasis on a youth project, then he will be free to move on with the blessings and best wishes of the majority of fans.

In addition to this, there’s absolutely not any doubt Tonali will feel a lot of affection towards Brescia, and there is the likelihood that his present side would not simply receive a wonderful chunk of money to reinvest but also perhaps a counterpart like Tomasso Pobega or even Alessandro Plizzari to help with the future, therefore he wouldn’t be betraying the Biancazzurri in any manner.

Whichever course Milan takes this summer, whether a full-blown revolution beckons or if it’s a case of fine tuning the motor, Tonali would get an opportunity to come and devise out an important function within this young core of players who may be destined for big things.

There is a project being built, whether it’s the perfect one or wrong one remains to be seen but until there is a reason to think otherwise it must be supported. Getting a player like Tonali in might deliver a sign, and he’d be given the time and patience needed to settle and become part of something special.