The former Italian full-back has memories of his time in Milan, especially the time when a number of Serie A legends got into a fight.

Massimo Oddo has shown how Gennaro Gattuso inadvertently bore the brunt of a struggle between team-mates about the training floor at AC Milan.

Former Italy global right-back Oddo combined Milan in 2007 and was a part of the Champions League winning squad later that year, and helped them with their latest Serie A name in 2011 prior to spending a year on loan in Lecce before retirement.

Apart from victory on the pitch, Oddo has fond memories of all those characters of the team-mates, recalling a number of minutes of training floor shenanigans which revealing the individual side of a number of the contemporary heroes of Milan.

1 episode saw striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic and defender Oguchi Onyewu square up – a battle of the giants involving the 6′ 5″ striker along with the 6′ 4″ American centre-back – to which combative midfielder Gattuso, standing in just 5′ 10″, tried to play peacemaker, only to get caught up in the violence.

Talking to Sky Sport Italia, Oddo said: “They came to blows, but nothing excessive. Gattuso attempted to split them took a very powerful punch to the surface ”

The struggle, in November 2010, attracted international attention following Onyewu rallied to Ibrahimovic following the Swedish striker left a rash tackle on the protector, catching him by the throat, causing the session to be left handed .

In accordance with Oddo this was only a good illustration of the high jinks and extreme moments that came around frequently during his time in Milan, generally revolving around Italian global midfielder Gattuso.

Remembering a particularly painful moment in the hands of this future Milan supervisor and Napoli manager, Oddo stated: “I laugh, however until I cried since Rino one evening stuck a fork in my own leg.

“Sitting at this table has been me, [Alessandro] Nesta, [Massimo] Ambrosini, [Andrea] Pirlo, Gattuso, [Filippo] Inzaghi and [Christian] Abbiati. He laughed and joked, except ahead of the games.”

Oddo combined Milan in January 2007 out of Lazio, and a couple of months later began the Champions League final because his new team conquered Liverpool 2-1 to avenge their loss in Istanbul two years before.

He appeared 56 times for the San Siro club, scoring twice.