Amid reports he could retire, the Swedish legend said even he is unsure about his future amid the current global health catastrophe.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is unsure what his future holds amid reports he’ll leave AC Milan at the end of the season and possibly retire.

Ibrahimovic, 38, returned to Milan in December and scored four goals in 10 appearances before the effort was stopped as a result of coronavirus pandemic.

The prior Barcelona, Inter and Manchester United star is allegedly considering his future, together with his contract at AC Milan expiring at season’s end.

“Let us see,” he advised Svenska Dagbladet on Wednesday.

“I don’t even know what I need. Something new happens every day. Who could have predicted this with corona? We just have to try and live and enjoy life.

“Don’t worry too much. I’ve got a family to take care of, they feel great so I feel great.”

Italy has been hit hard by coronavirus, reporting over 110,000 cases and 13,100 deaths.

Ibrahimovic said the health of the community had to come first, with the Serie A year suspended indefinitely.

“It started to spread to soccer. They shut down the entire training facility, we were not allowed to move outside,” he said.

“It is tragic that soccer leagues shut down, but we must respect the system and be patient. They need to find a solution that is good for the entire community.

“Health is above all sport. I am not concerned about the corona. I think it will be solved, it’s just to wait until the experts know what to do.”

Before joining Milan, Ibrahimovic was in discussions to join Championship side Leeds United, according to the English club’s owner.

He has been very honest and transparent with me.

“We need to be rational and coherent with the plan of both the team and coach. I didn’t even speak with [coach] Marcelo Bielsa about Cavani and Ibrahimovic because we never got to the point that we could sit down and talk about them.”