The former Chelsea goalkeeper is one of those expecting that Serie A, and several other leagues, can avoid needing closed doors.

AC Milan goalkeeper Asmir Begovic considers the relevant authorities should want to deliver a “soccer feast” once aggressive action is cleared to restart after the coronavirus outbreak.

Leading branches across the world have been made to bring an immediate stop to their respective programs.

Plans are in place to finish the 2019-20 effort, but it remains to be seen when or if that’ll occur.

Begovic is one of those eager to see fixture lists fulfilled, irrespective of how long people involved need to wait, with the possibility there to provide a worldwide fan base matches to watch every day of the week.

The prior Chelsea keeper, who moved to Milan on loan from Bournemouth in January, has advised The Mirror:”There needs to be a solution and the decision-makers will see it that way.

“We have to finish the season, in my estimation. It is going to be another way but there’s got to be a positive way to end all this.

“First and foremost we need to close down everything, get this virus in check, get everyone healthy and fit and I think the sooner everything gets closed down, the sooner this will be over.

“Then it’s only a method of trying to fit in each the games. I truly don’t like it when folks talk about cancelling, I do not like behind closed doors because, finally, we are competitors.

“There must be a method of deciding things on the pitch – promotion, relegation, Champions League places, championships and that is the way we must do it.

“We could have a soccer feast. Six or seven weeks of matches each evening and rekindling the pleasure of this game.

“It’s a tricky time for everybody, particularly here in Italy and I believe there is a way football really can enable everything and bring joy back to the people.”

Begovic has already been involved in one match played behind closed doors and expects to prevent any more, with it important that matches reunite after fans are cleared to attend .

The Bosnian added: “I do not think it’s a solution. It is a collective thing. It is a religion, it is a culture, it is a method of life.

Playing from the San Siro when it is empty, you’re accustomed to having the lovers, once you’re the home team you get a crowd benefit, people push you and encourage you.

“It was so silent. The buzz was not there, the Adrenalin was not there and it certainly hurt since the home team. We were speaking to the players on the opposite team and it was not any fun either.

“I’d rather only postpone everything and get the fans in there. The game as we know it, it is with fans, they are part of the entire package.

“There must be a means of packaging everything in, whether that is a brief pre-season next year, but we will see what choices are made within the upcoming few days.

“The players can cope with it whatsoever. We love to play with it. I have been in England for many years with the Christmas period and it is tricky but we have got squads today, players are so healthy and we have had some rest today.”